How To Start A Team

Starting a collegiate water ski team at your school is not as hard as you would think.  Each situation is going to be slightly different.  Its best to consult your regional director before you start.

  1. Contact your Regional Chairman.  There might be another student at your school who is trying to do start a team as well.  Plus, they might know of any additional contacts in your area.  Sometimes, they might know of a local water ski club or tournament site.  They also can vouch for the NCWSA as a legitimate collegiate sports organization and answer any questions you
  2. Contact your Campus Organization Office. Its best to make sure you have permission before you get much further.  Its best to ask lots of questions at this point about what your particular university or college requires of their clubs.  What are their policies on transportation?  Do you need to consult the school before hosting a tournament?  Do you need a faculty advisor?  What role does that faculty advisor play in your organization? 
  3. Find More Members.  Social Media, 
  4. Plan To Attend Your First Tournament

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